Getting to know us - The past

Well, it all started when my mother gave birth to a legend.... No, I won;t go back that far, and I've never been a legend, but I thought it would be a funny intro. I will hit on that I've lived a pretty full and blessed life for someone that's never had a whole lot of money in my pockets, but I've been very rich with good friends and family.

I tried college for a year and it just wasn't for me. I was young and thin then, and that's when I moved to Texas the first time. Bandera, Texas to be exact, although I did spend time in Weatherford, outside of Austin, and a few other places because I was exercising race horses and tended to go where the race meets were to stay busy. As I got older and heavier, I started shoeing horses and I did that for 10 years or so, and I started racing dirt cars as a hobby during that same time. I started shoeing horses in Texas, and ended up moving back to CA for some crazy reason and I started racing cars out there. 

While racing led me to my next job in a way, the job itself was not racing related. A good friend of mine worked for an electrical company and they needed a short term fabricator to help their current fabricator out for a couple weeks to get caught up. I'd really never thought of myself as a fabricator, but I did build roll cages and I did most of my own work on the race cars I drove. I was still keeping my shoeing business going, but helping them out. At the end of those 2 weeks, they offered me more money and asked me to stay. I did, and I tried to keep up with shoeing horses too, but eventually, the steadiness of a regular job won out. I was there for one month shy of 11 years. Throughout this whole time, my racing was improving to the point that I started driving cars that other people owned. I won quite a few races, met a lot of great people and had a great time.

I went to work for Ironworks Speed & Kustom building hotrods after leaving the electrical company. It was a "dream job" of sorts. I really had no experience and it took a little bit to get me in a good spot there, but eventually I was working on the fabrication side, doing a lot of sheet metal work. It was during this time that I built the all aluminum (except the plastic nose) #Dirt57 body. The Dirt 57 body was an instant hit. It went viral on social media. It was crazy. For the most part I enjoyed my job at Ironworks, but there was a stress level to the perfection that needed to be brought to the table every day in building 6 figure hotrods. I came out to Texas to visit family and watch NASCAR at Texas Motor Speedway and I found the little place that we're in now. 

Well that catches us up to my first blog post. Click here if you haven't read it, and thanks for reading!

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