Getting to know us - Currently, give or take a year

Hello, I'm Lee Jensen,

Not sure how to start this off, but here we go.

The near present- In March of 2018 I came out from Bakersfield, CA to watch the NASCAR races at Texas Motor Speedway and visit family. I'd been interested in moving to Texas, and while I was here to spend time with family, I did have one little place I wanted to look at. We got up early one morning and made the 2 1/2 hour drive to Chandler, TX. The place was small, and was actually an operating restaurant at one time which I thought was great because that fits into future plans. While it needed work, and a shop, and other things to be livable and workable, I liked it. I discussed it with family a little, called my realtor and made a lowball offer that day. My thought was that they would counter the offer, there would be some haggling, it would get drawn out and I'd have a little time to make arrangements on my end. Well, things don't always go as planned. About 3 hours later I get the call, "They accepted your offer!" "Oh AWESOME! That's wonderful!" I exclaimed, however deep inside there was a bit more of an "OH SH!T! What did I just do?" feeling. We set it up for a 30 day escrow, finished our time at Texas Motor Speedway and visiting family, and headed back to CA to start getting things in order there. I gave my boss a long notice that I was leaving, and my girlfriend came out here ahead of me. With a last minute decision, my son Logan decided to move out here with us. I had to shorten my long notice a little bit to get him out here for the first day of school, but we made it.

We got our shop built, I wired it, and then we set the CNC Plasma Table up and went in to business. Logan and I love it here in Texas, it's been a great thing for both of us (girlfriend moved back to CA). The business is steadily growing. I often wish it would grow faster, but we're managing ok. I've had a huge amount of support from friends over the last year as I've gained a clientele. I've met a lot of local Texans that have shown me great support here. We offer CNC Plasma cutting, MIG and TIG welding on steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. I've done some lawnmower repair, fixed trailers, patched boats, and all kinds of stuff, but our main thing still remains the metal art. We invite you to check out our flags, patriotic metal art, custom signs, ranch gate signs, address signs, Ranch entrance signs, bar and tavern items, and our numerous other items we make at Dragonslayer Industries here in Chandler, Texas.

We certainly appreciate every bit of business from our online customers, and locally. If you're ever in the area stop in and visit with us. We don't have a showroom since most of our items are made to order, but you're welcome to stop in and visit, look at any current projects we have going, have a beer if you'd like and there a few guitars around here if you like to play. If you're real brave, you can listen to me play.

I plan to give you a little further back history in the next post.

Thanks for reading,
Lee Jensen

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