4 hook horse bridle rack
8 hook horse bridle rack
8 hook metal bridle rack
8 hook custom metal bridle rack
4 hook custom bridle rack
4 hook metal bridle rack
6 hook horse bridle rack
6 hook metal bridle rack
6 hook custom bridle rack

Custom Metal Bridle Rack

Regular price $200.00


These bridle racks come in a 4 hook bridle rack, a 6 hook bridle rack, and an 8 hook bridle rack for whatever size your horse operation is. We'll cut a name and or a custom brand into the back of it. It's designed to hang on stalls in the show barn, but could be made to be permanently mounted in your horse barn or anywhere else on the ranch for that matter. It would definitely be a great addition to any tack room on the ranch, or traveling. Feel free to email me to discuss what you want cut into the back of your custom bridle rack before or after you order it. Send an email to Lee@dragonslayerind.com. These are made from 1/8 inch aluminum the small rack weighs about 8 lbs, and the big one about 12 lbs.

All our items are made to order. We now powder coat all the bridle racks for a very durable finish. Expect about a 10 day lead time. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Made in Chandler, Texas
East Texas, USA